Sunny Business Services group consists of companies with a professional approach, focused on the unique needs of each customer

About us
Sunny Team Ltd is the parent company of a group based on Estonian capital, which manages the processes and is focused on results. Sunny Business Services is the group trademark, representing all services provided by group companies and subsidiaries. The trademark is in English, due to planned future expansion into foreign markets.
We are the organisation providing the widest selection of business services, among the universal services of which any company can find the services it needs, regardless of its area of activity or business ideas. We offer business clients reliable and effective service, allowing for the acquisition of various services from a single partner.
The group includes companies with long term experience in providing different types of services. Customer Service, which has been consolidated into our parent company, remains quick and simple for the customer, even when a customer requires may different types of services for the support of their company’s main activity. We secure high quality and favourable services for our customers, thanks to the synergy of interconnected sales and support functions within the group.
In our activities, we are guided by business awareness and ethical convictions.
Our clients are Estonian companies and other organisations/foundations, for whom it is favourable and comfortable to have a single universal supplier instead of several different ones.
In our business activities we are guided by values and understand that excellent results are born only through good cooperation.