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Sunny Finants OÜ focuses on serving clients from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and e-residents from around the globe.

Assistant accountant service

The service suits you if…

Your own accountant is overloaded with work and is therefore unable to support the management of your company, to compile necessary reports and analyses, to monitor debtors and help prepare making economically good decisions

Our solutions and advantages

We support your accountant in bigger work assignments, inserting data, compilation of analyses, arrangement of accounting. We work at your office or ours, whichever is necessary.

Chief accountant service

The service suits you, if…

Accounting service is more profitable and frees the client from several tedious problems like having a work place, trainings, software expenses.Also, the accounting company who provides the service is never ill, on holiday or too busy. The service is always effective for the client. The client’s wish is our command.

Our solutions and advantages

We take care of all the accounting, including current entries, reports, bank processing, software solutions, internal provisions.We also have experience in the accounting of several group companies where we handle either individual or all areas of the accounting, including consolidation. We work at your office or ours, whichever is necessary.

Financial manager service

The service suits you, if…

You feel the need for a financial advisor who would help you in the establishment of the budget, who would see if the results comply with the planned budget, help you find places to cut back, etc. We offer a financial manager service for a very reasonable price. Our goal is to give necessary feedback to the head of the company and to keep an eye on the financial status of the company so that the head of the company could make better management decisions.

Our solutions and advantages

The financial manager service may include the following: establishment of the budget, monitoring the budget and constant advising, recommendations, pointing out the abnormalities, provision of cost accounting for projects, objects, etc, inspection of set phone and fuel limits organisation and inspection of writing off assets, partial preparation of public procurement documents.

Company management service

The service suits you, if …

You wish to have your own business and not spend too much time on administrative duties and rather use specialists for that

Our solutions and advantages

We offer full company administration service with all the necessary support services, including activities of management board, address service, secretary service, legal advice, accounting, translation, IT solutions, property management

Compilation of annual reports

If you have received a warning or a ruling which imposes a fine for not submitting the annual report from the Commercial Register, then we will be happy to do it for you.