Accountancy services

Accounting is an integral part of any organisation. Every entrepreneur has asked himself/herself the question “Is accounting an in-house obligation or should accounting services be purchased?”
Sunny has the answer: “If your company has enough resources (time and money), you can very well organise in-house accounting. But if you wish to save time and money, we can be of assistance – we have been engaged in providing high-quality accounting services for 20 successful years!”

Get high-quality accounting services from us!

“We do our job properly and reliably, and we are also dedicated and thorough. We comply with the good accounting practices and the relevant legislation. We can guarantee provision of high-quality services based on professional and long-term experience in finance.”



Corporate Services/Advisory

If you are considering Estonia as your next business destination, you have come to the right place. Our corporate advisory team is happy to assist you with the soft landing, no matter if you need just formalities or sophisticated structure and investments.
Setup of investments in Estonia
Corporate services



Support in obtaining E-residency in Estonia

You already may have taken good advantage on unique E-residency program that Estonia offers. Although the program is rather well supported by Estonian government institutions, there can be some details where you get stucked in finalising your agenda. This may include the neccessity of the legal address for your company, opening of either corporate- or private bank account in Estonia, obtaining work- and residence permit, relocating of staff either from EU or from third countries, etc. We have got all these covered, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Here are some useful tips for you:

–          Want to establish a company Estonia, but are missing the legal address? Our corporate legal address/virtual office service is just right for filling the gap.

–          A bank in Estonia requires you to attend the bank office personally, too busy to travel to Estonia only for that purpose? In many cases we assist you with opening the corporate bank account and access to online banking operations.

–          Has the bank denied your application for opening of bank account as a new and unknown customer? In most cases we can help you here as well, based our track records and referrals we have accumulated during extensive experience.

–          Got lost in the process of obtaining work- and residence permit in Estonia? Either as investor, enterpreneur, employer or employee – the opportunities exist for every status. As long as you meet the requirements of Estonian authoroties, we are able to lead you through the process via shortest roadmap. If you are not certain about meeting the requirements, we can help you in mapping those.