If you are considering Estonia as your next business destination, you have come to the right place. Our corporate advisory team is happy to assist you with the soft landing, no matter if you need just formalities or sophisticated structure and investments.

Setup of investments in Estonia

–        One of the most profitable investment sectors currently in Estonia is real estate. The investment yields on cash-flow projects (property with tenants, where revenue is earned by rental income) have been currently in the average of 4-8% per year. Plus in addition the increase of value (capital gain) of real estate over the time, which currently in Estonia can be around 5-10% per year. So the total yield on real estate cash flow projects investment in Estonia currently is around 9-18% per year. The higher yields may be achievable on real estate development projects, where the plots with planning are avaliable for construction of new buildings or for reconstruction of existing buildings.

We constantly hold an updated list of real estate best offerings for cash flow and development projects. These have been pre-selected and approved by our investment advisory team, with the focus on maximum yield for our clients. The offerings in our portfolio are not available publicly, as the best pieces on the market are often introduced via advisors only.

–        Via our network of banks and investment firms, we constantly have a top selection of offerings from equity funds, large investment projects, and deposits. Due to wide selection of such investment opportunities, the yields can be very different and variable. We refer specific projects for client according to his/her investment profile.

Corporate services

–        Setup of the company in Estonia is usually 1 day process. More important is, what is the neccessary structure for the client, and which are the action/investment plans for the next steps.
–        Private banking and trust services. Nominee services.
–        Assistance for obtaining and managing bank account.

Contact: corporate@sunnybusiness.ee