Services offered by Near-Shoring


Client-friendly bookkeeping based on the documents submitted to Near-Shoring on a regular basis. Fees are determined based on the number of documents delivered to us. This service includes a monthly profit and loss (income) statement, a balance sheet and a copy of the book of accounts including a sales ledger. We would also submit your monthly tax and VAT declarations to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. All of the above information would be forwarded to you by e-mail.
If you prefer, we can pick up documents from your office and drop off documents to your office.

• Year-end Adjusted Trial Profit & Loss (Income) Statement and Balance Sheet
• Cash Flow Statement (once a month or as requested)
• Calculation of social taxes and pension contributions based on salaries
• Representing your company in discussions with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
• Calculating travel expenses and daily allowances for your employees
• Filing and storage of accounting documents
• Filling in questionnaires that have been sent to your company by the Bank of Estonia (central bank) and the Statistic of Estonia
• Follow-up letters sent to customers who have not paid their accounts on time
• Calculating interest charged on overdue accounts
• Setting up an accounting system for your new office, including internal rules on accounting
• Rebuilding an accounting system where the underlying documents have not been properly organized or kept
If you require other bookkeeping services that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offering fully Internet-based  Directo business software , including financical accouting, resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management and electronic document management functions. Using Directo does not reguire complicated client-side technical solutions. Nor are additional software installation necessary. You only need Explorer version 7.0 or later (standard for most computers). You don´t need your own server, either. This eliminates problems and overhead costs. All you have to do make sure there is an Internet connection.

     • Financial ratios for liquidity, profitability, etc.
• Cash flow forecasts
• Budget preparation and forecasting
• Business plan and accompanying financial forecasts for presentation to banks
• Net present value analysis of a project or a larger investment, including pay back period

If you require financial analysis services that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to meet your request. As a next step, we would be pleased to sit down with you and discuss our prices and show you our price list.


VAT registration
VAT declarations
VAT reclaim
VAT consulting

If you need assistance setting up a company, from obtaining quick access to a notary (to avoid long delays), to finding office space, to hiring staff, we can help you in all these areas.

If you own assets in Estonia, but are not a resident of Estonia, you may need an independent party to “keep an eye on” those assets to insure their proper, honest and efficient use. Near-Shoring is ready to assist you in this respect.

Our primary service is bookkeeping and related services:

– Sales order processing/invoicing
– Processing of ledger items
– Processing accounts receivable
– Processing accounts payable

   – Payroll administration
– Pension administration
– Benefit administration-current and former employee:
Compensation package administration
Employee information management

All client information is treated as highly confidential.
We also carry out routine functions or administrative services. For example, we can scan printed material and send you the electronic version. We are pleased to carry out any type of labour-intensive administrative service. Please feel free to contact us to request more information in this regard.