Tallinn, 01 January 2017

1. Definitions

1.1. Client – Legal person in a contractual relationship with Sunny Business Services via the framework contract for the provision of services;
1.2. Executor – Sunny Team OÜ team operating under the Sunny Business Services trade mark;
1.3. Contract – Framework contract for the provision of services together with annexes, which is concluded between the Client and
1.4. Service – Services described in clause 2 of the General Terms and Conditions;
1.5. Price List – The Executor’s valid price list.

2. Description of Service

2.1. The Executor undertakes to provide the Client with accounting services, pursuant to the information and documents supplied by the Client to the Executor and in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
2.2. The Service provided each month and continuously by the Executor generally includes the accounting services listed in this clause, if it has not been agreed upon otherwise:
2.2.1. Balance sheet (printout of programme) once per month, upon order;
2.2.2. Income statement (printout from programme) once per month, upon order;
2.2.3. Purchase and sales ledger printout, upon order;
2.2.4. Remuneration calculation, once per month;
2.2.5. Fixed asset calculation, once per year;
2.2.6. Individual income tax calculation and report to the Tax Board for payment on the 10th day of the following month;
2.2.7. Social tax, unemployment insurance premium and pension insurance calculation and report for payment on the 10th day of the following month;
2.2.8. Monthly summary of internal taxes, which are subject to payment, which includes the terms for the payment of taxes, the sums due for payment, deposit accounts and reference numbers;
2.2.9. Calculation of value added tax and report, once per month;
2.2.10. Preparation of annual report;

3. Terms and conditions for the provision of service;

3.1. The Executor uses its own work equipment for the provision of Service.
3.2. The Executor undertakes during the provision of Service to use a sufficiently qualified workforce.
3.3. Upon the conclusion of the Contract, performance of the Contract and provision of Service, the Executor names a contact person(s) for the Client via a written notice. In a written notice the Client formalises the named persons as e-service users in the Tax and Customs Board. The Executor shall immediately inform the Client in writing of a change in the contact person(s).
3.4. The Client undertakes to submit to the Executor documents and information which are necessary for the Provision of Service. The deadline for the submission of documents from the previous calendar month is the fifth working day of the following month. The Client shall be liable for such documents and information being objective and submits them on time for the provision of Service. If necessary, a corresponding legal instrument shall be prepared regarding the transfer of the documents.
3.5. The Client agrees to notify the Executor of all circumstances related to the performance of the Contract.
3.6. The Executor undertakes upon the provision of Service to follow the deadlines prescribed by law and to ensure the provision of Service in such a manner that the deadlines prescribed by law are not violated. The Executor shall not be liable for the violation of deadlines in the event that the deadline has been violated because the Client has not submitted the necessary information and documents required for the provision of the Service.
3.7. The Client undertakes to not create working relationships either directly or indirectly with the Executor’s employee during and/or for a period of 6 (six) months after the expiry of the term of validity of the Contract. In the case of the violation of obligations the Executor has the right to demand a contractual penalty based on the Price List or annex to the Contract for the designated accounting services at a monthly fixed fee of 6 times the sum, but not less than 3200 €.
3.8. The Executor undertakes to provide the Service in accordance with legislation valid in the Republic of Estonia, including instructions issued by the Estonian Accounting Standards Board and in accordance with the interpretations of relevant laws.