Providing clients with high-quality, reliable, confidential, low-cost bookkeeping services.


At Near-Shoring, we select employees who are quality and are customer conscious. We hire the right people and treat them well. A lengthy training process is how each employee is inducted into Near-Shoring. The attention to quality and detail, together with client focus, is emphasized from the first day of training. After training, our employees begin working at our bright, airy offices centrally located offices in Tallinn.


We are flexible in terms of which administrative services we carry out and how we carry them out. We pride ourselves on our openness to new ideas.

Although bookkeeping and related services are our prime focus, we are pleased to accommodate other service related requests that you may have. If you are interested in another labour intensive service that we have not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us with your request.


We believe our success is dependent on delivering quality services to the client in a timely manner. Delivering what we promise, with high quality, in a confidential manner and on time, is very important to us.

To achieve these goals, we hire quality people and pay them above average compensation. Good working conditions are important to treating people right and helping them to be productive.

Once the right people are chosen and put into the right environment, proper training helps them reach their potential and instils Near-Shoring’s values and culture in them. The right way to do things begins with following ISO 9000 requirements. But ISO 9000 is just a tool to better focus on quality, reliability and above all, serving the client.

Although the above appears to cost more then taking the cheapest route, we believe that in the intermediate-term we will reap the benefits of more motivated employees and lower employee turnover. And motivated employees with experience will deliver better quality services than unhappy, unmotivated employees in a company with high turnover.