Nordic based companies can significantly lower their labour costs, yet maintain quality, confidentiality and reliability by off-shoring services to Estonia.

Travel to Tallinn is quick and easy.
3 Daily return flights (flight time is 55 minutes) from Stockholm to Tallinn.
Helsinki-Tallinn speed boats make the 1.5 hour trip 24 times a day (in one direction).
Direct flights to Tallinn: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Kiev, London, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, Vilnius, Warsaw.

Labour costs are significantly lower than in Scandinavia. Other factors are cheaper as well (renting office space, IT etc). Contact us (details below) for a hard data presentation on the significant savings in cost.

Estonia’s multilingual work force is large enough to insure that bookkeeping and administrative services can be provided in numerous languages:
English 345 000 people
Finnish 138 000 people
Russian 580 000 people
German 140 000 people

Tallinn’s work force is of significant size and highly educated.
• 530 000 people live in or around Tallinn.
• 52% of Tallinn’s residents have a secondary education (does not include those who attended university).
• 40% of Tallinn’s residents have a university education.
• 22,000 students are enrolled in university and higher vocational schools in Tallinn (in Estonia, 45,000).
• 20 000 people in Tallinn work as accountants or financial professionals (not including bank staff).

• Estonia has been a member of the E.U. since 1 May, 2004.
• In 2003, a total of 41% of Estonia’s exports were sent to Finland and Sweden, and over 70% of exports went to the E.U.
• The Estonian Government is investor and business-friendly.
• A large number of Estonians have integrated into Sweden and Finland.
• Sweden is the largest foreign investor in Estonia (e.g. Telia/Sonera, SEB, Swedbank, Transcom World Wide, ABB Estonia).
• Finnish and Estonian are very similar languages.