E-mail service

E-mail solution provided by Sunny IT Services is primarily intended for business customers, whose priorities are quick, quality and secure information exchange. A reliable virus protection and regularly updatable spam filter are used at e-mail server. The servers are located in specially developed rooms. The server enables to send e-mail from each Internet provider network without making any changes in account settings. User interface for e-mail administration is made to be simple and understandable.

General options of  E-mail service:

•    E-mail accounts, forwarding, copies, aliases
•    Opportunity to use POP3 / IMAP
•    Automatic response
•    Virus control
•    Spam filter
•    Opportunity to use outgoing mail server, including the opportunity to use high-speed SMTP port
•    E-mail administrative interface
•    Opportunity to make copies from all incoming or outgoing letters

Web page hosting

Web page hosting is implemented at the server where the backup is arranged to provide 100 % information safety. Saving is made from frozen data which cannot be changed upon saving. Data of half-week precision is saved in another server space. Restoration of data from the saving is additional work except the case if the reason for restoration from saving is caused by error or failure of service provider. Move of domain from one server to another is implemented quickly and conveniently, and at the same time your e-mail transfer and existing of website in the Internet are provided for you.

General options of web page hosting:

•    Access to account through FTP
•    Host statistics (Webalizer) option
•    Crontab option
•    MySQL (4.1)
•    PHP4 / PHP5
•    Apache2
•    Imagemagick
•    CGI applications support
•    Other options/modules in accordance to agreement

Please call (+372) 684 1415 or e-mail to it@sunnybusiness.ee to get additional information.