Sunny Law Firm’s legal services:

1. Contract law

We prepare different contracts of sale, service, procurement, rent, loan, etc. We represent our clients in contractual negotiations and disputes.

2. Labour law

We represent our clients (employers and employees) in matters related to labour law. We consult or clients in preparation of employment contracts, collective agreements, documents related to proprietary liability, internal work procedure rules and other documents related to labour law and provide representation in the Labour Dispute Committee and court.

3. Administrative law

We represent and consult our clients in communication in state institutions and local government. We help our clients prepare documents and conclude administrative contracts and give them a hand in negotiations and disputes related to administrative law.

4. Civil procedure

We represent our clients in judicial proceedings and help them prepare statements of claim.

5. Misdemeanour procedure

We represent and consult our clients in misdemeanour procedure, prepare challenges, complaints, petitions and other necessary documents. In other areas we provide legal services pursuant to complexity of the matter or send the client to a respective specialist.