Quality translation does not require just good command of foreign languages, it also requires excellent knowledge of the field in which the translation is to be done.

Depending on the purpose, it is possible to distinguish between language editing, specialist editing and proofreading.

A language editor makes sure that the (translated) text uses correct grammar. If necessary, he/she will correct the grammar and choice of words, rephrase sentences, and unify the style and use of specialist vocabulary. A language editor edits texts only in his/her native language.

A specialist editor makes sure that in addition to correct language the content of the (translated) text is also correct, and verifies that the meaning of the original text has been conveyed in the translation correctly and without omissions. A specialist editor is an editor who has translation experience in the said field and who is proficient in both the source and the target language. A specialist editor edits texts only in his/her native language.

Proofreading of materials which are to be printed is done after design and layout. This is the most important stage in order to obtain printed work without mistakes. A proof-reader compares the designed translation file once more with the original, checks that the table of contents, tables, charts, etc., correspond to the original, and eliminates spelling and syllabification mistakes which may have occurred in the course of designing. Proofreading is done by a proof-reader only in his/her native language.

If translations are intended to be published for a wider readership, we strongly recommend language editing, and in case of texts to be printed you should also order proofreading.

Like a translator, a language editor is also specialised in a specific field. For example, technical texts are edited by language editors of technical texts, and legal texts are edited by language editors in the field of law.

We also offer language editing for texts prepared by you. An editor makes sure that your texts are easy to read.

Our team assembled for translating legal, economic and technical texts employs its best skills and experience to the benefit of your company!

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