Quality translation does not require just good command of foreign languages, it also requires excellent knowledge of the field in which the translation is to be done.

Thanks to our good cooperation partners on four continents, we are able to offer a very wide range of language combinations. The team of Sunny Galandrex Translations includes over 200 professional translators and language editors.

Our strengths are the Baltic and Slavic languages, as well as the Scandinavian languages. The majority of our everyday work consists of translations with the following language combinations:

Estonian-English-Estonian English-Finnish-English Finnish-Swedish-Finnish
Estonian-Russian-Estonian English-Swedish-English Finnish-Russian-Finnish
Estonian-Finnish-Estonian English-Russian-English Finnish-Latvian-Finnish
Estonian-Swedish-Estonian English-Danish-English Finnish-Lithuanian-Finnish
Estonian-Danish-Estonian English-Norwegian-English German-Latvian-German
Estonian-Norwegian-Estonian English-German-English German-Lithuanian-German
Estonian-German-Estonian English-Latvian- English German-French-German
Estonian-Latvian-Estonian English-Lithuanian-English Russian-Latvian-Russian
Estonian-Lithuanian-Estonian English-French-English Russian-Lithuanian-Russian
Estonian-French-Estonian English-Czech-English English-Spanish-English
Estonian-Italian-Estonian English-Italian-English Italian-Lithuanian-Italian


In addition to the above-mentioned, we also provide translations in many other language combinations!

Contrary to popular belief, not only philologists work for us, but also various specialists from engineers to lawyers.

Thus, our interpreters and translators have acquired at least two professions. For example, technical texts are translated by translators who have obtained a higher education in technology, and legal texts are translated by translators with a higher education in law. Translations are reviewed by a language editor whose native language is the target language. If necessary, several specialists work with a text at the same time. For example, a contract of sale of medical equipment is translated by a doctor and a lawyer – for serving the purpose of providing the best quality possible.

In the interests of quality, we use special translation software SDL Trados Studio 2015.

Ask for a quotation by filling in the price enquiry form or by sending an e-mail to translations@sunnybusiness.ee.
If you have any questions, please call +372 684 1420.