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Accounting services

With Sunny Accounting services you will have our full profficency in the Estonian accounting environment. Our accountants are trained and certified for professional qualification standards by Estonian Accountants Association, most of us having hands-on accounting services experience in different industries  of  for 10+ years.

Accounting services in various languages

Our accounting services team serves customers in following languages: english, german, estonian, finnish and russian. Occasional support in swedish, french, spanish and italian is also available.

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Accounting services in all Baltic countries

Should your business cover also Latvia or Lithuania, then we conviniently handle your entire Baltics accounting services from our Tallinn office as your single point of contact, with the support of local colleagues in Latvia and Lithuania.

Accounting systems

There is a great variety of accounting systems where each of them is good in its own niche. The most common systems in our house are Books by HansaWorld, Merit, Directo, We are also flexible in adopting with your preferred system or payment gateway. Some of the key features for selecting a right system are, whether your back-office system needs to interface with your e-commerce system, a payment gateway or banking, or whether you will need live access to your business system for invoicing or other purposes.

Should your Small-Medium Enterprise require less complicated accounting, then we encourage you sign up for our accounting - and related service here. For more advanced requirements please contact us via inquiry form.

You may also want to have a quick insight to basic overview of accounting and auditing in Estonia by keep reading further:

Basic requirements for organizing accounting

  • Accounting must be a true, objective and comparable view of the company’s financial situation, operating results and cash flows. The information presented must be salient.
  • All economic transactions must be documented. Document refers to invoice, contract, receipt, purchase confirmation, provided it includes details of other party, goods or services traded, tax details and other transaction details. Note, that card payment receipt or bank statement are not sufficent documents for accounting purposes, as they do not include goods or services nor tax details.
  • All economic transactions must be entered into accounting ledgers and journals.
  • Every company must prepare and file an annual report to the Commercial Register.
  • All accounting documents must be kept on file.

Check out also our membership in Estonian Taxpayers Association

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