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Becoming an e-Resident - Sunny Business Services

e-Residency can be obtained online only by the applicant in person, by starting from here. There is no need to hire someone else to assist you in applying, as the process is very simple and the information asked must originate from yourself. Non-refundable application fee of €100 is payable, plus up to €30 pick-up fee depending on your chosen pick-up location.

  • It will take approximately 2-4 weeks until a decision on your application is made. You will get e-mail notification when decision is made. Another e-mail notify you in approximately 2 weeks, when your e-residency kit has arrived your chosen pick-up location.
  • e-Residency kit must and can be collected only by the applicant in person. It is not possible to have someone else to pick it up for applicant, as the issuing authoroty needs to identify the person and collect fingerprints for security reasons.
  • Expect to be able to pick up your e-Residency kit in about 6 weeks from submitting the application. It may take longer though depending on circumstances.
  • Download an app to your computer, that enables digital signing with e-residency.
  • Choose a service provider who will render your new company a virtual office and contact person services. These are mandatory services for every Estonian company whose management is located outside Estonia. They are provided by several services providers and are generaly very similar by quality and content. The difference among service providers comes when you need additional business support in taxes, accounting or licencing. Not all of the service providers have that support available. So make sure you do some homework first to find the provider who is good to support your business profile.
  • Once you have chosen a service provider, your company can be registered in 1-2 working days.
  • You will receive automatic e-mail notification within 1hr from registration of your company. The subject of the e-mail in estonian language says ''Menetlustoimingust teavitamine, registriasi Ä....., the name of your company''. The file attached to the e-mail is registry extract of your company in estonian language, with the headline saying ''Äriregistri kehtivate andmete väljatrükk seisuga __ date  ''. Therein after, you and anyone else can freely look up and download details of your company here, incl. also e-mail address, location of the management, tax arrears and delayed reports.
  • If you see something else in the attachment e-mailed to you, such as the headline saying ''MÄÄRUS...'' , then there was some issue with the company and it has not yet been registered. Usually this is either due to the chosen company name or some minor issue that can be easily fixed with the help of your service provider.
  • With the company registered, you can start doing contracts, sign up for services, apply for VAT, and naturally a banking service. For many people the sophisticated VAT mechanism in EU comes as a suprise. You are advised to read and focus about our VAT overview and FAQ section.
  • For banking there are several options available within fintech market, that can by applied by e-Resident directly. Traditional banks can also be applied in Estonia, but we strongly recommend you first consult with your local service provider, as banks have their own requirements and profiles. Poorly prepared application will just result in denial. Our overview on banking options can be read here, just select 'Banking' tab.

And your company is ready to go! We wish you a great deal of success and hope to be by your side during this exciting journey!

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