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Share capital

Here is what you need to know about share capital of your Estonian company.

Do I need to pay in the share capital while establishing my company?

According to the law the share capital for Estonian OÜ company is minimum of €2,500. You do not have to deposit it immediately if the founder(s) of the company are private individuals; you can deposit it later at the bank or at the payment services institution within European Economic Area. Until the whole sum has been paid, the founders are personally liable for the missing contribution and must deposit it when company fiscal situation requires it.

When should I pay in the share capital if it was not paid at the time of incorporation?

Our standard terms for depositing the shareholder contribution is 10 years or when company fiscal situation requires it, whichever comes first. Note, that share capital contribution is required before distribution of profits (dividends) to shareholder. Also other contribution terms are available upon request.

What else should know about contribution of share capital?

Once the company has IBAN (international bank account number) opened either in the bank or payment institution within European Economic Community , the shareholer(s) should transfer their stake(s) of capital on the company bank account in Euros, with payment explanation as 'Osakapital'. When all shareholders have paid their stakes, you should request the digital confirmation from the bank/payment institution on payments. We will then help you further on, to get the contribution of capital registered at Estonian company register and to get the company compliant with requirements.

Can the share capital be later paid from the earnings of the company?

No. The share capital must only be paid by shareholder(s), that's why the company is called 'limited liability' - the liability of the shareholder(s) equals the amount they have contributed.

Can the share capital of the company be used for payments or withdrawals?

Yes. Company is not required to keep the capital on its bank account. It is allowed to make payments out of it for business related expenses, investments, loans, or keep it in cash.

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