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What is e-Residency?

A government-issued digital identity that facilitates to register, establish, operate and manage an EU-based company from anywhere in the world. E-Residency provides freelancers, consultants, digital nomads, solo-entrepreneurs and other digital entrepreneurs access to Estonia’s e-services and transparent business environment.

What can e-Resident do with digital identity

Your electronic ID is key to all the Estonian e-services that require authenticaion. Holders of e-resident’s card can sign documents digitally and log into every portal and access every information system that accepts Estonian ID-card.

E-residents can establish a company in Estonia over the Internet and actively participate in managing it while living abroad. E-residency also makes management easy for entrepreneurs who have already invested and created a company in Estonia.

Thanks to e-Residency, entrepreneurs from outside the European Union will have a chance to conveniently establish a company in Estonia and organise management within the European Union.

e-Residency digital ID can be applied here 

I can't login or sign with my e-residency card

Most commonly one of the following steps will fix it. Make sure you have inserted your ID card into computer. Start from step a) and continue to next steps until login succeeds:

a) Clear cache of your computer
b) try using different browser. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox should all be good.
c) make sure that your browser has Token signing function enabled.
d) make sure you have installed DigiDoc4 app on your computer (or download it here https://installer.id.ee/?lang=eng)
e) open DigiDoc4 app, go to My eID,  see if you get a green messages and it says your certificates are valid. Then go to Settings, in the bottom of the  opened window try removing old certificates, and then Refresh configuration.
f) try different computer, and when neccessary repeat steps a-d.
g) run the guide https://www.id.ee/index.php?id=30475

We advise all e-Residency card holders to get also mobile ID or Smart ID for smoother user experience.

More e-Residency information, HERE.

Detailed Businss Guide for e-residents.