Other common questions

  • Company formation expenses were done from my personal bank account; can I report those expenses to the company’s accounting?

These expenses shall be reported as company’s costs and you will be able to reimburse them once your company has money on it’s bank account. Make sure purchace receipts meet compliance.

  • Which receipts or invoices are good for company accounting?

For company accounting only fully detailed receipts/purchase invoices/confirmations are good and qualifying. Purchase receipt can be on paper or in digital form. It must be the one that has the name and full details of the seller, lists goods or services that were purchased, their price, any tax charges if applicable, and preferably also full details of the buyer - your company.
Note, that credit card slips or bank account statements do not qualify for company accounting and can not be subject to reimbursement. They only confirm the fact of payment, but are not sufficent to fully identify the seller or the services/goods purchased, nor any tax information.

  • What happens if purchase receipt or invoice does not qualify for accounting?

In such case it is really not possible to ensure that the money was spent on business expences. Therefore non-qualifying receipts or -invoices if paid out from company, are subject to corporate taxes as if they were dividends or salary.

A Politically Exposed Person is an individual who is or has been entrusted in the past twelve months with a prominent public function.

  • What is the Financial Action Task Force -FATF- countries list and who might be affected by it?

The FATF, is an intergovernmental organization founded to develop policies to combat money laundering and terrorism financing. Countries listed HERE are considered high risk, and will most likely have difficulty accessing any kind of business banking service even with a company registered in Estonia. unfortunately we can not support customers from countries listed by FATF.

  • What is a Power of Attorney –PoA-?

A power of Attorney is a legal and notarized document which gives a third party person (usually an attorney/lawyer) the legal power to act in behalf of another person’s interests.

  • How can I change my Estonian company’s legal address?

You can do it on-line if the board member has e-residency card, or Estonian Mobile ID or Smart ID. Log on to company registry  and proceed to Submission of Application. If the new address is within the same municipality, then the application is free of state fee. If the new address is in different municipality, then the Artices of Association must be amended during the same course.
If company board members haven't got e-residency, then it’s possible to change company details in the notary’s office in Estonia by board member or assign a Contact Person to do it based on Power of Attorney.

  • How can I add new board member or remove them from my Estonian company?

First the shareholder(s) must prepare shareholder resolution, which must comply with its own requirements and must be digitally signed  by shareholder. If company has more than one shareholder, then depending on terms of majority for voting in your company, more than one shareholder may be required to sign digitally. Shareholder resolution must be in estonian language (bilingual or trilingual resolutions are also accepted), it must be saved in .pdf format before digitally signing it.  Templates for shareholder resolution can be found here.

Secondly, current board member has to log on to company registry by its e-residency card, or Estonian Mobile ID or Smart ID, and proceed to Submission of Application.  Start the petition for an entry regarding alteration. Once the alterations are done, remember to attach digitally signed shareholder resolution under Additional documents to be submitted with the entry petition. The application must be digitally signed by existing board member and by new board member before submitting it.
The state fee of €18 is payable on application.  

Should you wish to have our support with corporate changes, then our team will assist and prepare the documents as needed.

If company board members haven't got e-residency, then it’s possible to change company details in the notary’s office in Estonia by board member or assign a Contact Person to do it based on Power of Attorney.