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Kaari Luik

Project manager
+372 6841 420

+372 58530186

Kaari holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English-Estonian translation. Kaari has been working as a project manager at Galandrex since 2015. You can communicate with Kaari in Estonian and English.

Riina Egger

Project manager
+372 6841 420

Maire-Liis Rohtma

Sworn translator

Maire-Liis is a sworn translator of Estonian-English-Estonian and Swedish-Estonian, appointed to office by the Ministry of Justice, and a translator of English-Estonian-English. Maire-Liis is a law graduate from the University of Tartu, and she is finishing her Master’s degree in translation at Tallinn University. She has been a member of the Sunny Galandrex team since 2010.

Signe Pugi

+372 6841 407