Translation - Sunny Business Services

Sunny Galandrex Translations is an international translation company since 1997. We serve numerous international businesses clients with 22+ years’ worth of knowledge and experience in:

  • translating
  • interpreting
  • proofreading and editing
  • design and layout

Since 1997

Key Strengths

Our key strengths are the Baltic-, Slavic- and Scandinavian languages and with key focus in the following fields of translation:

Scope of the service

  • 100+ different language pairs
  • 200+ translators/proofreaders from all over the world

Additionally available features

  • Multiple languages translated at the same time
  • Translations designed identical to the original
  • Printing and delivery
  • Translations done in client custom systems (e.g. websites, databases)

The keys of our service quality are

  • translators translating into their native language
  • editors edit texts in their native language
  • carefully selected team members are specialists in their own fiels, including engineers, IT specialists, physicists, lawyers, economists, accountants, marketing specialists, linguists and representatives of many other professions.
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