Translation - Sunny Business Services

Sunny Galandrex Translations is an internationally operating translation company which was founded in 1997. We serve numerous local as well as foreign business clients and we have 21 years’ worth of knowledge and experience in:

  • translating
  • interpreting
  • proofreading and editing
  • design and layout

Our strengths are the Baltic and Slavic languages, as well as the Scandinavian languages and in the course of 22 years of operation we have established the following fields of translation:

  • law
  • economy and banking
  • technology and IT
  • European Union
  • marketing and sales
  • health care

We offer more than 100 different language pairs and there are more than 200 translators/proofreaders from all over the world.

The main concept that we follow in translating and editing is that the translators translate into their native language and the editors only work with texts in their native language. Our team members are specialists (engineers, IT specialists, physicists, lawyers, economists, accountants, marketing specialists, linguists and representatives of many other professions) from different nations, who help us to find a solution to every translation-related issue.

We offer all-in-one service: we translate into multiple languages at the same time, we design the translations so that they would be identical to the original and, if necessary, we print the translations and deliver them to your office.

We also translate materials (e.g. websites) in special translation environments created by clients themselves.

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