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Kaari Luik

Project manager
+372 6841 420

+372 58530186

Kaari holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English-Estonian translation from the EuroAcademy. Kaari has been working as a project manager at Galandrex since 2015. You can communicate with Kaari in Estonian and English.

Liisi Kaljo

+372 6841 419

+372 55636144

Liisi started in Sunny Galandrex Translations as a project manager in 2013, but since July 2017 she is the CEO. Liisi has previously worked in a bank and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management. She has also lived in Spain, teaching Spanish and working as a salesperson. You can communicate with her in Estonian, English, Russian and Spanish.

Iris Leit

Layout design

Translation software specialist and designer/layout editor Iris has been a member of our team since spring 2013. Overall, Iris has more than 20 years of experience in the said field.

Olesja Štšerbitskaja

Translator, editor

Olesja translates from Estonian and English to Russian. Olesja has completed studies in written translation and she has been a part of the Sunny Galandrex team since 2010. Olesja has over 12 years of translation experience.

Maire-Liis Rohtma

Sworn translator

Maire-Liis is a sworn translator of Estonian-English-Estonian and Swedish-Estonian, appointed to office by the Ministry of Justice, and a translator of English-Estonian-English. Maire-Liis is a law graduate from the University of Tartu, and she is finishing her Master’s degree in translation at Tallinn University. She has been a member of the Sunny Galandrex team since 2010.

Signe Pugi

+372 6841 407