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Accounting Plan E-Comm & Digital Services


Supported business profile

  • Sale of traditional services (Consulting, Web Design, Coaching, Marketing, SEO, Travel, Transportation, Training services etc.)
  • Sale of physical goods, digitally supplied services on e-commerce, marketplaces incl. Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, e-Bay, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, own store on Woocommerce, Shopify, by direct- or drop-shipping model
  • Sales turnover threshold up to €10,000 in calendar year

All essential features included in this e-commerce service plan:

  • Onboarding of the customer, set-up in our- and tax authoroties systems
  • Professional accounting services
  • Dedicated accountant, ready for action
  • Unlimited number of accounting entries
  • Bookkeeping according to IFRS for SME-s and Estonian Accounting Standard
  • VAT reporting and maintaining VAT number in Estonia (subject to eligibility and discretion of tax authoroties). Note: VAT number and VAT reporting will be maintained until the service is duly paid and sales data is duly available. Delays of more than 30 days will result cancelling of VAT number
  • Qualifying monthly reports are required from Client e-commerce system and payment accounts/gateways. Processing of 1 report is included in the service fee
  • OSS/IOSS reporting and maintaining. Processing of 1 country is included in the service fee
  • EORI number maintenance
  • Dividend and tax compliance
  • Salary compliance
  • Customer support via e-mail
  • 1 hr financial-, accounting- and tax advisory at the time of onboarding
  • Closing of the fiscal year and preparation of the annual fiscal report (value of €399+Vat) is included in the monthly service fee.

Additional services and fees that may apply:

  • Support for registrations and de-registrations of:
    Estonian VAT number, one-time service fee €79
    OSS / IOSS registration, one-time service fee €79
    EORI number, one-time service fee €79
  • Bookkeeping and consolidating of monthly transaction reports from Client e-commerce system:
  • Each additional report from e-commerce systems and payment accounts/gateways €25/month
    Each additional country in OSS/IOSS reporting €10/month
    Each non-Estonian VAT number €25/month per number
  • If VAT number and -administration in other countries is required then this is to be arranged and cost beared by Client. We suggest you to contact or for respective service
  • If sales turnover exceeds threshold (€10,000 in calendar year), then you will be upgraded automatically to next eligible service plan E-Comm & Digital Services Advanced.

Supported banking- and payment services
(subject to discretion of third party and customer eligibility)

Wise, Payoneer, Revolut, Stripe, Paysera, N26, Klarna, Paypal, Holvi, ApplePay, GooglePay, Stripe, MakeCommerce, Bankera, GlobalNet, Verifo, Intergiro, PayHawk, Wamo, LHV, Swedbank, SEB, Luminor. Selected foreign banks.

Terms and conditions apply.

The  provider of this service is Sunny Finants OÜ, reg. code 10116749, established 1994, licence #FIU000124  for Financial Services, Service of Trust Funds and Companies. Service fee is subject to 20% VAT.