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Accounting Plan E-Trader


Supported business profile:

  • Holding company
  • Trading of securities, forex, ETF, CFD, Cryptos
  • Value of assets / size of portfolio up to €300,000 or equivilent

Features of this accounting service for investors are:

  • Onboarding of the customer, set-up in our- and tax systems
  • Professional accounting services
  • Dedicated accountant, ready for action
  • Unlimited number of accounting entries and -invoices in the previous month
  • Processing of accounts and -documents of the previous month
  • Bookkeeping according to IFRS for SME-s and Estonian Accounting Standard
  • Application, maintenance and renewal of LEI code, LEI fee included
  • Dividend compliance
  • Salary compliance
  • Customer support via e-mail on operational matters
  • 1hr financial-, accounting- and tax advisory at the time of onboarding
  • Closing of the fiscal year and preparation of the annual fiscal report (mandatory) is included (value €399+Vat)

If your company trades on online platform or trading account, then qualifying monthly transaction reports in .csv or .xlsx format are required from your account.

Client should submit us all accounting documents, bank statements a.s.a.p., but no later than by 5th date of the following month.

Terms and conditions apply.

The  provider of this service is Sunny Finants OÜ, reg. code 10116749, established in 1994, licence #FIU000124  for Financial Services, Service of Trust Funds and Companies. Service fee is subject to 20% VAT.

Additional services and fees that may apply:

  • The service includes processing of 1 report from 1 account and 1 currency. If you have more reports or more currencies then each addtional report is subject to charge of €25 and each additional currency is subject to €10 surcharge
  • If the value of assets / size of portfolio will exceed €300,000 then you will be quoted additional service charge
  • Retrospective processing- or amendment of accounts, documents, reports of earlier months/years
  • Consulting on taxes, accounting, employment, business management and administration
  • Other services required by client

Addtitional services are charged according to effective fees of the provider.