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Share capital contribution registration, incl state fee


  • Registration of share capital contribution
  • Update Business Registry
  • Deposit and registration of share capital is mandatory before distributing any dividends out to shareholders

If your company was initially registered without immediate contribution of share capital and you have deposited share capital later, then company files in the business registry need to be updated. This won’t happen itself.

Deposit must be made to company IBAN account that your company has in a bank or payment institution within European Economic Area.
Deposit can be made in more than one instalment, i.e. when the company has more than one shareholder.
The description on the payment order must include the note in estonian: ”Osakapitali sissemakse” (meaning: contrubution of share capital).
Once you have made deposit to company IBAN account, contact your bank or payment service provider for confirmation letter. The letter can be either in hard copy and handsigned in ink  or digitally signed in .asice format by bank officer. Note, that ordinary account statement is not suitable for substituting a confirmation letter.
Usually banks and payment servce providers are aware of the required format of the letter.  

The letter that we submit to Estonian Business Register, must be in estonian language. If it initially comes in english then we will apply sworn language. Translation service is subject to additional service charge approximately €30-60, depending on the lenght of the text.

Deliver the letter either in hard copy or digital copy in .asice format to us.
Hard copies should be mailed to:
Sunny Business Services
Järvevana str. 9-40, Tallinn 11314, Estonia

Digitally signed copy should be attached to this order.

Once received, we will process the application with Estonian Business Register normally within 5 business days. You will be requested to provide a digital signature of company director with the online application, as we will guide you instantly.

The application to Business Register is subject to a state fee of €18,00. This is included in the service fee, we will pay it for you.

The  provider of this service is e-resident store OÜ, reg. code 12490601, licence #FIU000124  for Financial Services, Service of Trust Funds and Companies.