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VAT refund from another EU member state, up to €1,000


Estonian company may be eligible for VAT return from another EU member state if following conditions are met:

  • Company is VAT registered in Estonia with standard VAT regime (limited VAT regime is not accepted)
  • Company has not had business activity, permanent establishment, nor premises in another country during the period of time when VAT reclaim is requested for
  • Company has not had sales (has not sold goods or services to consumers (B2C) in another country during the period of time when VAT reclaim is requested for
  • The expenses subject to VAT reclaim are only business related expenses, thus may include: fuel, vehicle rental, costs relating to rental of vehicles, road tolls, travel expenses, such as taxi fares, public transport fares, accommodation, food, drink and restaurant services, admissions to fairs and exhibitions, costs for amusements and entertainment;

Features of Application for reclaim of VAT paid in one EU member state in value of up to €1,000

  • We prepare and submit VAT reclaim application for you
  • Tax authoroty of the country where VAT is reclaimed from, shall process the application according to their local regulations, and shall confirm within 4 months the amount of VAT to be refunded
  • Tax authoroty has the right to extend the term of VAT refund for up to 8 months, in case they shall require additional information or supporting documents
  • Minimum VAT amount to be reclaimed is €400 (or equivilent in the local currency)
  • The application must be submitted by 30th september of the calendar year following the refund period.
  • The minimum allowed period of the application is three calendar months which is not limited to calendar quarters. An exception for a “three months minimum” rule is an application submited for “the remaining of a calendar year” (e.g. application covering 15th November-31st December  will be allowed).
  • Service is subject to laws and regulations of the country where VAT refund is applied from
  • To enable us processing the application, client should set-up us online permission with Estonian Tax Authoroties. The board member should follow these steps:
  1. Login at
  2. In the box up left, select the name of your company
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Access permissions
  5. Access permissions of representatives
  6. New access permission
  7. In the box Personal identification code or registry code enter our ID # 10116749
  8. Search
  9. Next
  10. Delegable permission
  11. Search
  12. Separate permissions
  13. In the Name field search for: Submit EU value added tax refund applications
  14. Tick: Submit EU value added tax refund applications
  15. Add
  16. Add again
  17. And you are done. Let us know if you succeeded.

Terms & conditions apply.

The  provider of this service is Sunny Finants OÜ, reg. code 10116749, established in 1994, licence #FIU000124  for Financial Services, Service of Trust Funds and Companies. Service fee is subject to 20% VAT.