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Becoming an e-Resident

e-Residency can be obtained online in only 3 simple steps by the applicant in person. There is no need to hire someone else to assist you in applying, as the process is very simple and the information asked must originate from yourself. Non-refundable application fee of €100 is payable, plus up to €30 pick-up fee depending on your chosen pick-up location.

We'll support you all the way trough

Even tough becoming an e-Resident is nothing too complicated it requires the applicant to come up with number of documents and sometimes there might be some problems to deal with in the process. We have great experience in supporting the future e-Residents all the way trough the process, making it even easier for anyone to start a company online. E-Residency support service, company registration and other relevant services are available in our online store.

Becoming e-Resident in just 3 simple steps


Place an application online

It will take approximately 2-4 weeks until a decision on your application is made. You will get e-mail notification when decision is made. Another e-mail notify you in approximately 2 weeks, when your e-residency kit has arrived your chosen pick-up location. Estonian e-Residency site provides a lot of useful information on how to become an e-Resident including link for placing an appliation.


Pick up your e-Residency kit

Expect to be able to pick up your e-Residency kit in about 6 weeks from submitting the application. It may take longer though depending on circumstances. e-Residency kit must and can be collected only by the applicant in person. It is not possible to have someone else to pick it up for applicant, as the issuing authoroty needs to identify the person and collect fingerprints for security reasons. Head over to Estonian e-Residency site for pickup locations across the world and FAQ.


Download an App

Once you are officially an e-Resident of Estonia you will be able to digitally sign documents and verify your identity online.  Estonian e-Residency site offers a lot of easy to read information on how to use your e-Residency ID Card and app.

Gongratulations! You are now enabled to start and run your business online

Since you are now enabled to identify yourself and sign documents online, you can enjoy the benefints of Estonian online services. This means you can start and run your EU company fully online including banking and reporting.