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Starting a company online

Registering a functional company in Estonia can be done fully online and usually takes a day from applying to having the company registered. Prerequisite is that you are able to identify yourself online. For non Estonian citizens this is made possible by e-Residency which enables a person to enjoy Estonian online services. You may read further on Becoming an e-Resident

It's not a rocket science but we'll make it even easier

Starting a company online is not a rocket science but there are some requirements you need to meet like obtaining legal address and contact person in Estonia. For the first time it might be overwhelming but we are here to help you out. All you have to do is select the services you need from our online store and we’re going to take care for the rest.

Starting your company online in just 3 simple steps


Come up with a name

To register a company you need to come up with a name. It would be good to have couple of backup names incase the first choice is already taken.


Register a company or have us do it for you

Estonian e-Residency website offers a good amount of information on how to start a company. There are some prerequisites like you need to have a legal address and contact person in Estonia. We offer all these services so it is even more convenient to head over to our online store and have us do everything for you.


Open a bank account for the new company

To run you’re business and to make a monetary share capital contribution you will need a bank account. Please contact us incase you need any help with that.

Congratulations! You now have fully functional EU company.

For now only the sky is the limit. So you could focus on reaching it, let us take care of routines like monthly accounting or annual reports which are available in our online store.