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Legal Translation

When it comes to translation of legal & legistaltive documents then this is what we do:

  • Contracts, agreements and powers of attorney
  • Laws and regulations
  • Court judgments
  • Applications, petitions, appeals
  • Certificates
  • Directives and court documents of European Union authoroties
  • Notarial deeds

Legal texts are translated by translators who have acquired a higher education in law. Language editors who work with legal texts have specialised in editing in that field.

Sworn Translation

In official documents are sought to be used in another country these must first be translated and certified by a sworn translator. A sworn translator is a translator to whom the state has given the sole authority to perform official translations. The quality and reliability of their translations have been verified by the Ministry of Justice.

Our in-house Sworn Translator of Estonian-English-Estonian and Swedish-Estonian is Maire-Liis Rohtma who has been appointed to office by the Ministry of Justice.

We also offer sworn translation services into several other languages.