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  • Company documents, certified copy
    40,00 €

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    You may need certified document copies of your company for various purposes, incl. opening of bank accounts. Here you can order certified copies of:

    • Company registry extract (in some countries also called a Certificate of good standing, Registration certificate, Chamber of Commerce certificate etc). This extract is issued by Estonian Business Register and certified by Estonian public notary. The document will have a stamp and verification of the Estonian public notary. Document comes in english language. Should you wish to have it translated into another language then we offer translation service additionally.
    • Company Articles of Association (in some countries also called Articles of Incorporation, Statutes etc). This will be extract from Estonian Business Registry of the current Articles of Association, comes with a stamp and verification of the Estonian public notary. By default the document comes in Estonian language exactly as its current version is reported to the Estonian Business Registry. Should you wish to have it translated into another language then we offer translation service additionally.
    • Your business partner or authoroties may require documents to be supported with apostille. You may add apostil to your order at later stage. Please note, that thanks to the legal assistance treaties in place between Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark and Ireland,  documents to these countries are not apostilled. Source:
    • Mailing by regular registered postal service is included in the fee. Should you wish to have it mailed by courier, you may order courier service from your end or order it additionally from us.
    • Documents will be ready for postage in 3-5 working days. If translation is needed then add aproximately 3-10 working days, depending on the target language.
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  • Company Registration 199,-
    199,00 €
    • Fully functional Estonian OÜ company
    • No corporate income tax payable if distribution of profits are deferred
    • Set up in 1-2 days with your e-residency ID
    • OÜ company is ideal for overseas remote management of your European trading and -business, as well as intra-EU management from another EU member state. Join us to benefit from advantages digital nation.
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  • Virtual Office and Contact Person
    149,00 €
    298,00 €

    How it works ?

    If the management board of your company is located outside of Estonia, then it's mandatory to appoint an agent for "Authorized Contact Person" and "Virtual Office" services. The address of agent will then be considered as the legal address of the company.

    As your Contact Person, we are the first contact between public institutions and your company, as well as being authorized to receive official and procedural documents on your company's behalf (all documents delivered to us are considered as received by your company).

    When you establish a company in Estonia, your company must be registered under a physical address, which is called your company's Virtual Office (legal address).

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  • VAT Number
    79,00 €

    Your Estonian company needs limited VAT number if:

    • it buys goods or services from EU suppliers, e.g. fulfilment services, advertising from Facebook, Google, and other digital services

    Your Estonian company is eligible for Estonian standard VAT number if:

    • if the place of supply of goods and services is considered Estonia
    • it sells traditional services to other VAT liable companies in EU
    • its goods transit via Estonia, or are sold to other EU businesses
    • at least some part of your service- or goods production is handled in Estonia
    • at least one of the above conditions is met and the sales in a calendar year reach €40,000
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  • EORI Number Registration
    79,00 €

    You need EORI number if:

    • Your company is involved in any international trade customs (import/export) operations
    • Needs to appoint customs' agent
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