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E-Residency Advisory

49,00 €

  • Business advise on e-residency up to 2 hours or one working day service €49.
  • Please note that more sophisticated and multiple questions may take up to two working days to reply.
  • Each subsequent hour or working day is subject to service fee of €99.

Setting-up and managing a company digitally is easy... We make it easier!

We provide clear and well structured answers that will guide and help you into making the best decisions for your business.

Feel free to ask us anything you need to know about:

  • Estonian & International taxation
  • Accounting
  • Company registration and e-residency
  • Employment & Salary compliance
  • Dividens and share capital
  • VAT & EORI Numbers
  • Banking & Payment options

Why do I have to pay for initital introductiory advise?

We receive loads of various inquiries from people around the world. To provide professional advise it often takes noticeable amount of time for our experts to understand the specific situation of each enquirer, and then to draw a specific answer or suggestion. This allows us to dedicate our recources to your question on a first priority bases. We then also consider you being serious about your questions and level of interest towards the topic.

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