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Shared office rental with proof of address - Sunny Business Services

Shared office rental with proof of address

189,00 €

  • Suitable for light-weight office use and needs
  • Service is sold for minimum of 3 months with no obligation to renew.

Features of the Shared Office service

  • use of one working space in our office
  • working desk, chair, wifi, secretary service
  • pre-paid Estonian mobile number
  • the service fee for rental of shared office space with one working station and one parking space for one passenger car is €149/month. Three (3) months rental service fee is charged in advance.
  • additionally service- and utility costs will apply approximately 30-50€/month, includes electricity, water, kitchen (coffee/tea) internet. Average of €40/month for utilities is charged in advance as prepayment.
  • Three months min. duration pre-paid service plan
  • Subject to additional accounting-, virtual office- and contact person services

The  provider of this service is e-resident store OÜ, reg. code 12490601, licence #FIU000124  for Financial Services, Service of Trust Funds and Companies.

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