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Lithuanian language written proofreading

7,00 €

  • 1 page = 1800 characters with spaces in target language
  • VAT will be in addition to the price

The term of delivery for Lithuanian language written proofreading depends on the volume of the source material, the level of complexity and the area of topic.  The general proofreading capacity is 20–25 pages a day. We will confirm the exact term upon receipt of your order. In many cases it may also be possible to provide you a shorter term.

When ordering your proofreading, please enter the number of pages in your source material.  We will adjust the number of pages to 1 page = 1800 characters with spaces, and adjust the price of your order when applicable.

The smallest order accepted is 1 page. When uncertain of the volume of your order, or your order exceeds 100 pages, please contact us here. Subject to translation terms and conditions. The service is rendered by Sunny Galandrex Tõlkebüroo OÜ, registry code 10260618.

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