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Nonprofit association / MTÜ Registration


  • Non-Profit entity MTÜ (mittetulundusühing) – equivalent to NGO/NPO/CBO
  • Ideal for community services, charitable projects, volunteer work, donations


  • MTÜ (mittetulundusühing) nonprofit entity – equivalent to NGO/NPO/CBO
  • Fully operational EU entity, suits for non-profit and charity
  • Sold only in conjunction with: Virtual office- & Authorized contact person services
  • Minimum two members, each member must be an e-resident of Estonia
  • OÜ company can be one of the members
  • entity ready in 5 business days
  • perfect for receiving donations
  • VAT compatible*
  • bank account/IBAN service/payment getaway/debit card/PayPal compatible**

* subject to additional services and third party terms
** we can advise and introduce you with third party options and requirements. Opening of their services is up to discretion of third party.

The  provider of this service is e-resident store OÜ, reg. code 12490601, licence #FIU000124  for Financial Services, Service of Trust Funds and Companies.

Your Key Undertakings when operating a MTÜ

  • The details of your MTÜ, members and directors must be updated in the business register as soon as they are changed. This also applies about your registered Contact Person and Virtual Office in Estonia. If failing to submit the required data, the MTÜ as well as all its management board members can be fined repeatedly.
  • Before starting the activity of the MTÜ, you must ensure that the entity has all mandatory activity licences and tax registrations. Note, that with international activity the entity may be subject to various requirements set forth by different countries. If Estonian entity carries out activity in other country, then it is likely a subject to licences and taxes in other country, rather than in Estonia.
  • If your entity won’t start the activity immediately and remains as dormant, then certain obligations will still be required, such as preparation and submitting of annual report (in some countries also called yearly tax return/statement). If the entity is Standard VAT registered but has no taxable sales, then monthly VAT reports are still mandatory to submit.
  • Note, that some of the entity expenses may be subject to monthly reporting, even if the entity has no income yet. These costs would include non-business related costs, daily allowances, salaries, payments without eligible receipt (credit card receipts do not qualify).
  • An annual report must be submitted online no later than within 6 months after the end of the fiscal year. Fiscal year can be either 12 months from the month of incorporation of the entity, or a calendar year. You can check the fiscal year of your entity at any time from online business register. If you do not submit the report in due time, the court maintaining the business register may fine both the entity and its management board members without advance warning.
  • We hope that your entity  will never have financial difficulties. Otherwise the management board must summon the shareholders to decide a merger, a reconstruction or dissolution of the entity. In the case of long-term insolvency, the management board must immediately file bankruptcy petition with the court. Failure to react can bring about proprietary and criminal liability for the management board.
  • When the entity will cease to operate and members are not interested to keep it anymore, then you must not leave the enity idle without duly submitting the reports as referred above, nor forgetting about the entity at all. The equity must then be dissolved by carrying out voluntary liquidation procedure.